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tea & reverie

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I am a single woman living in Illinois. I am fortunate to live in a quiet semi-rural area where I can turn to the beauties of the natural world for spiritual sustenance and inspiration. I try to base my existence on ideas of slowness, contemplation, inner luxury, and poetic perception. I have a particular fondness for fin-de-siècle artists and writers, and I am always trying to learn from their aesthetic insights. I am also an admirer of Gaston Bachelard and value his work on creative imagination and poetic reverie. My hobbies include writing, gardening, pondering the mysteries of the Tao, and reading old digressive books. And I like to drink tea.

"One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead."--Oscar Wilde
16th century, 17th century, 18th century, ae, aestheticism, ancient philosophy, ann radcliffe, antique curios, art nouveau, aubrey beardsley, autumn, baudelaire, beadwork, beat generation, beauty, belle époque, belles lettres, blues, bohemianism, books, brontes, byron, cafés, calligraphy, cartomancy, cats, cavafy, clouds, coffeehouses, cottages, creole, dharma, divination, dogs, dolce far niente, elizabeth david, emerson, epicurean, epicurus, ernest dowson, film noir, fin de siècle, fortuny, francophilia, francophones, french chic, french culture, french language, french poetry, french style, gamelan, gaston bachelard, gentle melancholy, giorgione, gothic literature, gothic style, green tea, hellenism, henry miller, herbalism, high tea, howard hawks, huysmans, impressionism, indigo, jack kerouac, japanese tea ceremony, japonisme, jazz, jean rhys, john cowper powys, john houston, john keats, joie de vivre, koto, living deliberately, louis feuillade, mauve hour, miles davis, moleskine, montaigne, moon, music of the spheres, mutability, mysticism, nature mysticism, nocturnes, old gardens, opalescence, oscar wilde, paris, patina, pendulums, proust, quintessences, reading, reading tea leaves, refinement, reverie, robert de montesquiou, romanticism, ronsard, rooibos tea, running water, santayana, sehnsucht, serenity, shakespeare's romances, shawls, shibui, shinmiri, solitude, sonnets, stoicism, style, symbolism, taoism, tarot, tea, teapots, the sublime, thoreau, thoughtless awareness, thresholds, tisanes, transcendentalism, twilights, venetians, venice, violets, wabi sabi, walking, walt whitman, walter pater, william blake, william morris, wit, yeats, yoga